Red Dining Room - Hot or Not? (I vote not)

In this month's issue of House Beautiful, they had a page that discusses using red wallpaper in a dining room.  Everyone loves red (me! me!) and everyone loves to eat (me! me!); why not combine the two?   

Sounds like a great new trend, right? 

is it tacky to show a wrinkled magazine page?  (Sorry)
Let me just say its not my cuppa tea - for many reasons; the top two being:

#1 wallpaper
#2 red wallpaper

You see, someone already thought of the fancy red wallpapered dining room thing.  Like 50 years ago.  And I'm living under it.

This is my dining room ceiling

which was discovered under a layer of paint
which was discovered under another layer of wallpaper
(did I mention this is all happening on my ceiling?!)
(did I mention I also found remnants of this under other layers in my master bathroom?)

And while I admit I unearthend this red treasure last spring, I determined it was a battle I was too weak to fight and decided to call someone to just texture over it. 

I'll let you know when that call is made; it will be money well spent


Katie said...

I like the idea too...and think the top left paper - with the red floral/leafy design is very you...maybe a table cloth or curtains?

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