Gold Lame, my heart beats for you

My uncle is getting married in December and this weekend my mom and I are going to go dress shopping.  For her.  Me, I get to wear a(nother) bridesmaid dress (its blue and fancy and purty).

It will be a black tie event and in prep for this upcoming shopping excursion, I went through a few websites and picked one or two a baker's dozen of cocktail dresses appropriate for her style and body type...  Its a game!  Each day she gets to pick her favorite of three and then this weekend we'll discuss and review her favorites to get an idea of what she likes (and what I can persuade her to try on) before trying them on in person.

Of course if it was me we were shopping for (which we're not) and if it was me picking out my own dress (which I'm not), I'd wear this Monique Lhuillier number.  I first saw it a few weeks ago a la Bailey from Peppermint Bliss - it was her wedding afterparty dress (and yes, Bailey, I've been blog-stalking you for months). 

Seriously - we all need a reason to wear frivolous dresses like this
- even if its to the grocery store -  "um, I'd like paper please"
 I've been dreaming of gold lame ever since


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