Is anyone there...?

So sorry (again!)  for the absenses. 
 Now that I'm thirty (cough-cough-two), I decided I needed more balance.  Work, Health, Friend-time, Me-time...  So I've decided to ground myself like an insubordinate teenager.  Work less, go out less and spend more time on the things that matter - eating better, exercise, making curtains for my sister's room, all of the things I should be doing, but haven't had the time to.  Also like an insubordinate teenager, I'm finding loopholes and reasons/excuses to get out of being grounded. 


My most recent house project is an *AWESOME* bathroom make-over, complete with long sought after sink that literally (well almost literally) jumped out at me while on my saturday morning run.  Pictures coming soon (once I get my sink installed!)

I also have  a newly painted front door (that the neighbors are raving about) and a couple other projects up my sleeve to share with you.  One involves a sweater remake from my dealer. 

Since I am writing this at 10pm and its too dark for photos, and no blog post is a good blog post without photos, let me share with you pictures from my birthday. 

Disneyland!!   The Anniest Place on Earth!  I spent my birthday two years ago in Disneyland and this year, I wanted to repeat the feat!  My sister, Castle and his wife decided to join!  Notice my blue bow on my Minnie Ears?  I made it!

See the cups we're holding?  Those are Margaritas from California Adventure.  There is a sign at the register stating the maximum any adult can purchase in any transation is two.   So I ordered one for myself and one for my older-than-21-sister.  They wouldn't give me the one for my sister unless she was present (she wasn't), so I pointed to the sign and said 'fine, I'll take two for me'.   They gave me the evil eye and poured my two margaritas.  Halfway to Sully, I met up with my sister and gave her my second half-melted and otherwise untouched margarita.  I just finished recounting the story to her when the out-of-breath margarita attendant nearly tackled me to confirm I lied about both being for me but more importantly to check my sister's ID.  On one hand it was funny.  On the other hand it was annoying, but on the third hand, at least they're doing their job to keep alcohol off the hands and breath of America's youth. 
Everybody say "HI CASTLE!"

Who- Who is this?  (I don't remember but I thought he was adorable!)


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