My new favorite room

Back in July, we tore out the tile in my entryway and front bathroom and then we (meaning not necessarily me) retiled the bathroom. And there it has sat for 60ish days.

Last week I started on the rest of the bathroom. In my mind it would take two days. One day to remove the wallpaper and prep the walls and one day to paint. WRONG. We are looking at a 10 day project here including the occasional evening after work. Once the wallpaper was off, the two layers of paint underneath was chipped (ugly) and in no position to be sanded, painted over or even removed for that matter - even with the help of my superhero love that I fell for so long ago. Add a repetitive stress injury to my right shoulder and let’s just say it’s been a challenge.

By the second Sunday, I was finally ready for the fun part. Painting. I had a blast. Here’s the before (taken when I moved in)

Here are a bunch of the afters (the sink isn't installed yet, so all pictures are looking upwards - and yes I have some touch up painting to do, but please ignore that) 

With the ceilng sloping down and then meeting the wall, I opted for stripes. A formally trained designer would say that the stripes elongate the room and brighten / break up the dark-color-in-a-small-space, but really I just love yellow and wanted something fun, different, and somewhat classy.

I kept the yellow shelf and the yellow mirror and used those for the flavor foundation of the room (my inspiration for the stripes). The deep blue paint is ironically not color I intended on purchasing/painting – again another lesson in trying out a paint swatch before buying.  The original intent with was to purchase a sample and do a test swatch (like a good homeowner). They gave me a quart instead and while I didn’t do the recommended test swatch, the color combo is better than I imagined AND the room took the entire quart for the sample price!

Even the interior bathroom doors got a few coats of paint for high contrast. 

Stay tuned for a post on the sink! I know, you’re thinking ‘Sink?! What can be so exciting about a sink?’ Not too much other than a little dance with Serrendipity :)


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