I think I should have been born a gay man..

Make that a FLAMBOYANTLY gay man. 

I mean because really... Yes.  I have no words to describe it.  

Y'all know I've got a hankering to do a small reupholstery job.

Despite the fact I am in the midst of termite repairs and yesterday I discovered a main line water leak.  

I tried to be Miss-Strong-and-Independent-Home-Owner but ended up calling my mom in tears on my way to work because my all of the strong men in my life (boyfriend, brother, father, neighbors) were all otherwise occupied or hanging out in BRAZIL and DISNEYLAND!... Meanwhile my 59 year old water meter (and her pipes) decided to be stubborn and cantankerous and stuck in her ways - meaning stuck in the open position.  I tried to shut her off to prevent more leakage, but she clearly had other thoughts.  So yes, thanks to a phone call from Mommy,  Family Friend Dave swooped in to save the day and my water bill.  

But I digress... Back to being a flamboyantly gay man and my reupholstery job...  

When it comes to chairs (or anything really), I have a small leaning towards the classy, with a dash of personality.  See below: 






We all know I have this chair: 

(Please ignore the seductive kitty)

And I'm leaning towards outfitting her in this
Fancy, huh?  

And I have another chair too...  But that's too far down the list of projects...

But then


I found Staceage fabrics...  
My heart... 
It beats...  

Check out her mission...

Wow!!  This is the life/career/dream
I want to live (except for the slapping your mama part - sorry Mom)!

The pictures from her website are pretty sweet.
A Gay Man's Paradise


Le Sigh.  

I ordered a swatch or two...  
Can't I just disco in her show room all day long?



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