Jeannie's Birthday skirt

My brother's girlfriend's birthday was on Easter.  I racked my brain for a few days trying to figure out what to get her...

When I first met her several years ago she wore a lot of oranges and coral colors... I had a large print fabric in my 'stash' that I picked up at the Bobbin's Nest (on Homestead near Franklin Mall in Santa Clara - check out the store or her blog!).  It was orange-y and coral with a bold print and I just loved it.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I bought it because I liked it.  A lot.   

So I decided to use the fabric to make her a Spring skirt to go with her Spring birthday.  I am especially happy I was able to make it into a gift - so she could enjoy it...But I do wish I had more so I could make ME a gift... so I could continue to enjoy it. :)  

The bottom contrast I also purchased at the Bobbin's Nest and it was for a baby quilt that I don't think I did much with.  The contrast for the waist I picked up as an afterthought.  I thought the squiggly lines were a good balance and perfect color match to the straight lines at the bottom.  

I hope she likes it!


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