Productive Day

I started my morning hitting the pavement for a five mile run along the Los Gatos Creek Trail.  Fortunately it was during a break in the wind and before the rain AND I was able to enjoy a bit of blue sky. 

Once home I spent a few hours tackling the wallpaper (yes... such is my life!)  With the help of a friend yesterday and my efforts today, It looks like I only have a third of the ceiling left. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Are you tired of seeing this yet?  Cuz I am!

When I had enough of the ceiling, I plopped down to watch Gone With the Wind (the perfect rainy Sunday movie), but I couldn't justify watching Scarlett in all of her tragedies, so I kept it on and made an apple pie.  I kind of made up my own recipe which explains why the crust looks weird, but to toot my own horn, it was DELICIOUS! (no one ever said I was Martha Stewart)

(toot toot!)

...And THEN...
between the buckets of rain...
I planted my pansies... along the walkway to my front door.  

Stop by and check them out
(though once you arrive, I'll put you to work.  I have ceilings to undress!)

And last but not least I made a new top... 
(I didn't have my V8 today)

Which is an attempted copy of this
(photo courtesy of

I'm always a fan of orange, but I'm pretty pleased with the green.  It is another buy from Bobbin's Nest.  It caught my eye last summer and I purchased some yardage with the intent to make a summer top

It was a relatively quick make... Easy to cut out, easy to assemble - even without a pattern or knowing if I had enough yardage (I didn't).

I just love productive days! 
Happy Sunday!


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