Going to school with two different shoes on!

Last week I received a gift from my grandma who lives in Arizona - A cute little pillow... (Thanks Patsy! - I love it!)

Girls are taught at a very early age that shoes are important. Very important.  
From the little old woman who lived in a shoe to discovering how Cinderella’s ‘happily ever after’ was all because of the perfect shoe... We can't escape it!

My relationship with shoes started at a very young age. Seven to be exact. My parents had strict rules of what I could wear to church and what I could wear to school. The two weren’t allowed to mix. I had two pairs of shoes. One pair of beat up tennis shoes that I was to wear to school and to play in; and one pair of white matte leather mary janes. I wore them to my aunts wedding the summer before. They were reserved for very special occasions and church.

One morning close to Christmas; as I had on a raspberry courderoy jumpdress and purple plaid long sleeve blouse underneath. My woolen tights would keep my legs warm in the brisk Calilfornia winter morning. We were all set to leave the house for work and school when I couldn’t find one of my tennis shoes.

(This is still one of my parents' favorite stories to tell and I’m sure if you ask them; they will paint me in a less attractive light.)

 Basically with the clock ticking and the whole house turned upside down looking for this one damn shoe; I offered the helpful suggestion of wearing my Sunday school shoes to school that day.

Perfectly logical

(and helpful, I thought).

 My parents weren’t having any of it and their.solution was to allow me to wear my Sunday school shoes to school that day…. Or rather ONE Sunday school shoe; on the other foot; my lone tennis shoe. I was less than thrilled with this concept and according to my parents; my dad threw me in the backseat; threw my shoes in after me and drove my brother and I to school as I yelled and screamed the whole way.

As a seven year old; taking a field trip to the nearby community center to practice our annual Christmas concert; I was MORTIFIED.  Such an unfair punishment for losing a shoe and trying to be helpful! It was one thing if we stayed at school that day… I could quietly tuck my feet under my desk and not go out for recess and no one would notice.. RIGHT? But not while walking down the street… where cars would pass and honk and point and laugh and notice that poor little girl with no fashion sense.

Meanest parents in the world!

I still haven't forgiven them.

I suppose that explains my appreciation for shoes, nice shoes, fancy shoes… pretty shoes… 23 years later, I wear them whenever the heck I want... and I have LOTS of them!  Here's a sampling of my collection.
I love these because I love pink and feel like Barbie wearing them.  Did I mention I also have knee high stiletto boots in this same color too? 
Classy.  Perfect for work.  I love the two tones.  I love the bow!

Saucy!  Super high heel... Love these.  Makes me want to go 'GRRRR!'  I nearly had to do a sobriety test in these once while sober.... I was terrified the policeman would mis-take my lack of balance for inebriation!

This picture doesn't do these justice.  They're my Ruby Slippers... I get compliments EVERY.TIME I wear them... more often than not, its someone yelling across an empty parking lot telling me they like my shoes!


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