The Pope

I'm not Catholic.  But do believe in God and I do read the Bible and I do go to church.  I even went to mass once at the Vatican (a nun sat on me - another story for another time). 

AND I'm sure you're aware, I'm trying to get some ancient wallpaper off of the ceiling. Remember this room?

I tore off the fancy striped paper only to reveal this...

And I took off the wood panels only to reveal THIS...
and this!
See the discoloration about halfway through.. its mud, gunk, clay, compound.  Lord only knows! But it was hard and it was laid on thick!

So I purchased a steamer.  And the steamer powered through the gunk, mess, cement - whatever it was.   God bless the steamer!  (Perhaps the Pope will bless it too..)

Then I started on the ceiling.  After an hour of balancing on a stool, with hot liquid dripping on me and soggy paper falling in my hair and on my face... I recalled my dad saying something about how the wallpaper was varnished on. I think I blocked that statement out because I didn't want to think about it. I figured the steamer would save the day. After all it attacked the weird gunky stuff on the wall, right?  

This is how far I got until I ran out of steam (literally).
See that little jagged corner?  Even after scoring it and then steaming it... it was HARD, tough.  It wasn't budging..

At this point getting the Pope to sleep with me will be easier than getting that darn wallpaper off the ceiling!

Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the Pope or those who are Catholic


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