What's the hardest thing you've ever done?

I was in an interview once and that question was asked of me. 

"Tuxedos" was my response.  "Periwinkle Tuxedos" 

I'm pretty sure my high tech interviewer never heard that response before, so with a little smirk, he asked me to explain.

I made Tuxedos for Cindy and Eric's bridesmen in their 2004 wedding.  To this day, it is the hardest thing I've ever done. 

I made tear-away pants too!
Actually, making the tuxedos themselves was not that difficult, what nearly killed me and delayed production (so I was up until 3am the night before the wedding in a hotel room sewing) was the pockets.  Welt Pockets to be exact. 

Welt Pockets are SUPPOSED to look like this:

image via sewingtutorials.blogspot.com

... Not like this:

There are so many things wrong with this welt pocket,
I don't think its necessary to go into all of them.

Let's just say I cried.
tears of pain
tears of sorrow
tears of frustration
tears of failure

I've never tried to do a welt pocket again. 
Of course I should just get back on that horse

but I'm not ready yet

I'm waiting for someone handsome to ask me to make a gold lame tuxedo
(to match my imaginary gold lame dress)
Then maybe I'll reconsider.


and do they remind you of anything (from a previous post perhaps?)


Anonymous said...

Anne - wanna make P a gold lame tux for May 2011? He's pondering his wardrobe.

Anne-tastic! said...

lol... only if you wear that gold lame dress!!

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