Bad Blogger!

Happy Wednesday!  I've been an absentee blogger lately... and for that, I apologize. 

This past weekend I was supposed to be retiling my floors and making my yard pretty, but instead I had a weekend full of frivolity and good deeds. 

First it was the Royal Wedding Party where we were instructed to wear an old bridesmaid dresses.  I nixed that and instead wore one of my new party hats

Then it was time to volunteer at the Humane Society's annual fundraising gala - the Furball.  Wear a pretty dress (this time it was an old bridesmaid dress) and give back to those who gave my sweet, allergic, goofy pup a second chance?!  No brainer! 

 (rumor has it they raised close to $500,000!) 

Then on Sunday I was off to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event where I hung out with old friends, Real Housewives, famous chefs and enjoyed a beautiful coastal day!

the Iron Chef
a Real Housewife

Anne Burrell
  Though two hours of sleep after the Furball combined with a few too many sips of Pinot Noir in Pebble Beach made me feel a little like I did the morning after my 25th birthday... 



Elizabeth said...

Which bridesmaid dress? And which housewife? Sounds like an awesome weekend!

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