Colbeck Couture!

So there I was.  It was a rather cloudy day over the bay and I was still sewing my dress in the car as we crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin.  Never fear San Francisco drivers, I was in the passenger seat.

With 45 minutes to spare before arriving at the wedding destination, I snipped my last thread and still had enough time to grab a sandwich and curl my hair for Phil and Julie’s big day (the curls didn't last - but the dress was fabulous!).

The bride (stunning and witty woman that she is) dubbed it Colbeck Couture. 

Couture in that it was custom designed by me to fit me. However, later in the evening I discovered how versatile my dress really is...   It wouldn't be a proper wedding without a little sister dress switcharoo, would it?  

Can we also call it prêt-à-porter or perhaps one size fits all?

Congratulations to the newlyweds!


Lisa said...

Anne, you are AMAZING! I love this dress! Although, I'd like to point out that when you start with that kind of a body, it's hard to not look great!!!!

Anne-tastic! said...

Lisa, I can't decide if you're good or bad for my ego :)

Katie said...

I am imagining an inebriated run into the ladies room and emerging in each other's dresses. If this is not the case, don't tell me. I love the story.

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