Seeking: 1 angry boy

During my own recent episode of Hoarders (the Garage), I unearthed these adorable juice glasses.  

First I unwrapped the blue little girl.  It vaguely reminded me of the little peg people I played with as a teenager kid.   (They’re Fisher Price Little People, I was later informed)

“cute” I thought, “but I have no need for this” and I re-wrapped it its newspaper and popped it into the charity pile. 

Then I unwrapped the dog and then the mama and LORDY I knew I couldn’t send these childhood treasures away.    

But we’re missing one - the Angry Boy (I swear, that's what he's called)

If you know of his yellow-glass whereabouts, please reunite him with his mom and dog and sister in primary-colored-Fisher-Price-juice-glass-Land   

The least I can offer you for this great deed is some juice and if you’re extra nice (handsome) it might be in cute little colored juice glasses. 


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