Work in Progress

As if I didn’t have enough to do already in this little world of mine... One more thing wouldn't hurt, right? 

I became inspired by an upcoming wedding (this weekend!), so I decided to do something with the yard of gold/cream brocade I bought exactly a year ago at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz (I could have sworn I requested 1.5 yards, but discovered last week, twas only a yard). I took another trip to my favorite Ghetto Fabric Store in San Jose for the turquoise charmeuse and THIS, my friends, is my latest (unfinished) creation:

Pardon the picture quality, its a new camera and it was late last night!
I used a hodge podge of various patterns + my own freehand fancy scissor work and literally had no idea how this would take shape until I started cutting and putting it together.  I have to admit, I'm kinda impressed with myself. 

Still on the todo list:
Go to work (check – still here!)
Celebrate someone's birthday
Add zipper
Figure out how to attach the shoulder strap to the (currently backless) back 



Katie said...

This is an AMAZING dress!! I LOVE it.

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