Blinded by the light!

Think way back when I was painting my hallway last winter.  You may recall a photo with a dangling skeleton of a light fixture which has been a hallway eyesore for close to a year.  I tried fixing it once, but I was obviously proven unsuccessful.   

I kinda got tired of hearing through the grapevine that certain people (cough cough - you know who you are) were eager to see me finish my hallway (read: replace the light fixture).  That, I decided, was my #1 house goal for this past weekend. 

About a year ago, I read about a DIY bubble chandelier.  I procured the materials and got busy one night and subsequently, never installed it.  It just so happens that this weekend a Navy sailor was on hand (cuz that's how I roll).  He kindly offered to the the electrical dirty work (and it wasn't because I already got electricuted. twice.) and suddenly after a year of dark hallways and a few words spoken like a true sailor, I was shown the light! 

Cue the heavens parting and the angels singing. 

Navyman Tim deploys at the end of the month.  Obviously my gratitude extends beyond my hallway and his friendship to our family, but also for his service and devotion to our country (THANKS TIM!).  His mom also makes the best darn chocolate chip cookies on the planet - that's not necessarily related to this post, but if you had her cookies, you'd agree its worth noting.   


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