I think I need a bigger disco ball (part 1)

I took a week off in April between leaving my old job and starting my new job.  One of the first things on the agenda while I was 'fun-employed' was removing the custom home made fireplace insert that had been in place for close to 30 years. 

My dad and brother (bless their hearts) nearly broke their backs trying to remove this thing...

It was very...



The enginerd engineer that my brother is, figured out a lever system with two by fours and a hand cart and faster than we all expected was able to get it out of the house, across my patio and into my garage.  

WHERE... the next day, my uncle was to hoist it up and haul it away... 

The End!


I'll share a snippet of our conversation once my uncle (UD) arrived:

UD:  "They're not going to take this with all of these bricks still inside...." 

Me: "....?  Bricks?"

UD:  "Yes" as he leans down and rolls up his sleeves to reach inside and knock a brick out of its spot.  With a soot stained brick in hand he educates me.  "The insert is lined with bricks."

Me:  Thinking back to the conversations and cursing that went on regarding the size and weight the previous evening... "Uh... Ok... Let's just not tell Dad and Scott."

Then I whipped my phone out of my back pocket, snapped the below and sent it to my brother.   
 All in all the 28 bricks we removed from the fireplace insert weighed about 150 extra pounds.  (sorry Dad/Scott!!)

So once it was hauled away...  The next fun step of painting began...

Adios Soot stains and red bricks...

If you haven't already noticed, my fireplace is a fun one... accessible from the living room and the dining room.  Rico and Riley were quick to realize its a great shortcut/hang out between rooms (a habit we're trying not to enforce and by we - that means not me - I happen to think it is funny/cute so breaking them of this habit, isn't really falling on me.)

After all that, you're still waiting for me to whip out the disco lights and mirror ball...  but consider this a prelude...  My next post will clearly show why 'disco ball' and 'fireplace' do belong in the same sentence blog post.


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