On the Fence


Anyone still there?

Anyone remember me?

I'm back?

What? you say...Back!?

Where on earth have you gone?!

You may have noticed writing started to get sparse in the late summer.. possibly fall... and then I completely fell off because life is a teeter totter with the aim to keep balance... and I fell off that balance beam and struggled a bit to get back on.

Yes I know... dramatic

So anyway... bla bla bla... life is back on track with a new job and a happier outlook and I am easing back into embracing everything that is Anne-tastic! I am easing my way back into a happy, healthy life. 


So with that... I'll share a handful of fun things that have been happening around these parts...

We'll start with something maybe not as exciting to most, but certainly most exciting to me. When I moved in two years ago, there was one thing that visibly and sorely needed my attention....  My back fence.  

I wholeheartedly ignored it to the point where the ghetto green fiberglass held a certain level of charm for me. Lets face it folks, there wasn't much to look at in my back yard, and what there was, the fancy green fiberglass detracted from it.

So earlier this week I came home to what appeared to be an EXTRA large sized back yard

with a pool, and a pool house and pool boy! (How did I get so lucky?!)  And of course, that was short lived, because within a matter of hours, I had a legitimate, redwood-smelly, grown up kind of fence.  I guess the pool wasn't for me afterall. 

next up: Landscaping (for obvious reasons).  You may have noticed in comparison to the first photo, that I cleared out some weeds as well as masonry, some of which were under about 4 inches of weeds and dirt.  

Slowly but surely...  Its comin' along!

Happy days to you!!

Sorry for abandoning you!

Check back in a couple days for a project I mentioned in my first couple weeks after moving in!



Katie said...

It looks great, can I come smell it?!That is NOT easy stuff...clearing out all that stuff.

Anne-tastic! said...

I had a friend come over last week to begin the process of drawing up landscape plans.. Hopefully I can get to work on that this summer!!

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