Hangin' Around

In design blogs, magazines, and even Pinterest (duh, everything is on Pinterest!)... there have been a lot of rattan chairs hanging around....  See...

So way back in the day, when I first moved in, the house came with this funky old rattan chair (this post proves I had the idea first!)

Old and dusty... it hung out for a few years, but I took some time to pretty this guy up with some soap, water, a little TLC and a cushion!!

That's the fun thing about design trends is that they come back around.  This chair got plenty of hang time long before I was born and now its trending again.  I've got a cushion in the works and then I'll be prepared to show you another funky find that I've been able to refresh to modern times!  

Adios Amigos!


Katie said...

We had one of these when I was little!! I LOVED it:) That's it, now I'm coming over, smelling your fence, and planting my butt in your rattan cage chair.

Anne-tastic! said...

YAY!! Wait til you see my next post on my fireplace... Very Donna Summers (in memorium)

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