Pondering some fabric

Hi Y'all

 I was raised on an almost annual dosage of Disneyland (the original) in California, and I am about to visit Disneyworld for the VERY first time.  While I consider myself a purist, I am holding out judgement on which park is better until the end of the weekend.  

In the mean time...  Here are a few things going through my design mind at the moment. 
#1 - with the new job I have more flexibility to work from home (at least 20%) which means working from the dining room table or living room isn't always optimal, so I'm in the process of removing wood paneling, peeling off layers of wallpaper and varnish in my third bedroom to convert to an office.  The progression is evolving from this: 

to this: 

and I've lost steam at this: 

I am having nightmares / dejavu from when I first moved in... At least this time I know what I'm up for.  And yes, Despite having recently taken a DSLR photography class... I am still snapping photos with my blurry iphone.  Sorry :) 

#2a - In brighter news, since I've removed the carpet in the living room, my previous area rug found to be too small for the space and the yellow was too matchy-matchy with the wood so I've had my eye out for a bolder and larger rug.  I've been eyeing a specific one for a few months and I (finally) met a price I couldn't resist.  It arrived last week.  Me likey Mucho (my animals too!)

 #2b - and finally see that pink chair in the above?  its a little girl's chair that has pretty much followed me in every move (except college).  With the work I'm doing in the spare bedroom, its hanging out in the living room for now (just for Rico).  

And after it hanging out in public for a few days, I decided a new, distant project would be to reupholster it.  

I'm kinda thinking of going old timey, bold and vintagey...   After some minor research online, I found a couple options, but am not completely sold... These are my top two: 

Just pondering my options and am looking forward to doing more research!

Ok... gotta go find my ears so I can hang with Mickey and the gang!  TTFN


Katie said...

I think you should use one fabric as the main and one as at least something else...both so cuterific!

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