Snow, and its almost June

Hi guys, 

Its Riley again.. guest posting for my mom.   'Member that time my mom's took me to the beach and then let me write about it, well here's another fun one.  

She was in Santa Monica this week for some work event...  hanging out in the sun, doing fun things with her coworkers while I was home in my crate...I had to wait for her computer to come back home so I could write this.

BUT Before she was hanging out in Santa Monica, she and her boyfriend and I went up to the mountains for Memorial Day weekend.  She told me to pack my swim suit and I thought that was ridiculous because I'm a dog and my fur is my swim suit and birthday suit and every-day suit.  

We decided to spend the first day at a nearby lake and on the way, it started to SNOW.... Now... I am a dog and I am also part lab which means I'm pretty happy with anyone and anything... but SNOW!?  OMG... I LOVE SNOW!!  I couldn't wait to get out of the car!!

When we arrived, the snow had stopped and my mom let me out to play, but as an extra treat, she let me go off leash!!  

Now... In my younger years, I was this all out crazy hyper dog, but after Christmas with an unfortunate incident involving chewing through my leash (and jumping on counters and pretty much disregarding any authority) while my granddad was watching me, my moms signed me up with Kyle and Kyle is a Marine and Marines don't let you be all crazy and hyper...  Anyway.. he taught all of us ways to communicate and have a good time and the best part is, they trust me now so I don't have to hang out with a leash around my neck as much anymore.  I also don't hear that word 'NO' as much anymore which is also pretty cool. 

So back to Memorial Day weekend... I totally expected my mom to put a leash on me and tell me to heel and do all sorts of (unnecessary) obedience training with me.  But she didn't.  I had so much fun playing in the snow and hiking around the lake swimming in the water, chasing snowballs... all without a leash!   MAN was it fun!! 

technically I'm wearing a leash here but that is because we were crossing over a dam and there were people fishing and we didn't know if they liked dogs (who wouldn't like a dog like me?)

Totally hard to believe this was all during Memorial day weekend... Um... Note to Snow...  Didn't you know that Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer and snow, summer and California don't belong in the same sentence??


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