Thoughts on Japan and other things

My cousin sent me a text shortly after I woke up last Friday offering her prayers for everyone on the Pacific. Until that point, I was blissfully unaware of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warnings hitting our coast thousands of miles away. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of what is happening is heartbreaking. For those of us in California, earthquakes are just a part of life here. Every now and again we’ll get a jolt and sometimes it feels like a mini roller coaster ride and I have to admit, the little ones are a little fun. The reality is a big one can hit and hit at any time.

If you have the resources, donate to the American Red Cross or any organization whose mission is to aid those in desperate need of food, water, shelter and comfort. This goes beyond money… What about blankets, clothing, canned food, even blood - you'd be surprised how high the need for blood is regardless of natural disasters. Though this tragedy happened on a different continent, any bit can help and we would certainly appreciate it should a disaster reach us.

Also… this is a reminder to build or refresh an emergency kit in the event tragedy strikes us. This is more than band aids and water… think food, flashlights, warm clothes, and think about your pets and family members too. A great resource for disaster preparedness is here.


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