Leave yer horses at home!

Well, we got Riley's allergy test back and the poor guy is pretty much allergic to life itself (but not cats or humans!). 
Grass?  yes.
Trees?  affirmative.
Oranges?  yup.
Dust?  Si Senor(ita)!

Next time you come over, please leave your horse at home and don't wear wool either.  I'm kidding (kinda)

So as a 'i'm sorry you got 70 pricks of a needle today', Grandma/Grandpa bought him a new bed (sans cedar!), his other mommy (not me) bought him a squeaker toy and THIS mommy (me) bought him a new wall hook for his leash.

I know what you're thinking, but squeaker toys don't last longer than an inch worm in this house...besides, let's not forget who paid his allergy bill


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