SSScat! Review

My punk of a cat has a thing where he likes to hang out on the kitchen counters.  If he wasn't allllways hungry, I'd argue that he was an emotional eater.  I once purposely left his food open and 'unattended' one saturday morning and he ate like the world was ending for 2 solid hours.    And then there was the time (whilst trying to remove wallpaper from the ceiling) I fell off the ladder (the whole house shook) and he ran to his food before checking out the ruckus. 

Can you feed me? I'm hungry!
Going along with his bad-boy attitude and fear of starving, he is definitely a scavenger.  This may go back to his kitten days of hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks before Ranger Doug and his Ranger Friends adopted him and eventually found him a home with me. 

So due to his punk-like attitude and aforementioned fear of starving, he has a bad habit of hanging out on the kitchen counters when we're not in the room.  No matter how often we my sister housewife cleans up after me meals,  he still hops up hoping to find a morsel left behind.  Punk.

We've tried the sticky paws thing which did nothing but help him shed his winter coat. 
We've tried the foil and pans of water on the counter tops, but no avail.

I found a product called the SSSCat (yes, with three SSS's).  it is a motion sssensor ssspray.  Don't worry, it is sssafe, non-toxic and vet recommended (sssays its webpage).  When it detects motion, it SSSprays a non-toxic gas and emits a loud noise. 


The thing is, it appears to SSStartle and SSScare the humans more than it does the kitty. 
Walk into the kitchen?  SSSPRAY!  and then SSSCREAM.  
Open the cupboard?  SSSPray! then SSScream! 
Turn on the light?  SSSpray! then SSScream! 

Its getting old. 

I'm ssstill not sssure this has sssolved the problem of my I'm-not-afraid-of-anything-but-ssstarving cat hanging out in the kitchen sssink, but judging by how high he jumps when the ssspray goes off on us, I think it might be working a little. 


Katie said...

Lol- that's hilarious. Animals with emotional issues are the best!

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