Another uneventful day in Brazil

After sleeping like a baby my first night here, somehow my body thought it was still in California and when I went to bed here at midnight, my body was saying "Oh Hellll NO!" 

  When I finally fell asleep around 2:30am... my 5am wake up call came none too soon (that's 1am for your Western US Folks - usually that's just when I'm winding down!!).  

We hopped in a car and drove about 90 minutes to a town called Campinas for our Event...

I was told we had the prettiest table

I sat through one of the technical sessions.  Not sure why.  It was in three foreign languages...



Pig Latin


Electrical Engineering
(Ok, I'm lying.  I actually kinda understand Pig Latin)

But I pretended like I understood the other two juuuust fine.  
No one was any the wiser.


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