Considering this is somewhat of an uneventful trip...

Let's focus our minds on the topic of foreign restrooms. 

I was stoked in Campinas today when I as washing my hands and
not far away from the sink I discovered...

What is that?  you ask?  Its a FLOSS dispenser!!  

At the VERY moment I spotted it, I happened to be working something out of my back molar with my tongue... GREATEST idea I've seen all week.  When I grow up and am important enough to have public bathrooms, I'm installing one of these in each!! 

And... Can this restroom get any cooler?  
Right next to the floss dispenser was... 

Nothing says clean, bacteria-free-mouth like Listerine!  
Can I get a Wha-Wha?!
(I'm all about the fresh breath!)

But this next one... completely baffles me.
No matter how many times I travel
Or go into a foreign restroom...

I just don't get it...


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