I always wanted a stripper pole

It may sound unladylike, but its true!
Have you ever tried to swing on one of those?!
Its more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

I lived with boys for five years (like Three's Company in reverse).  
We had a huge living room and for months
I lobbied for them to give me one for my birthday. 
It never happened. 

I hadn't been home for nearly two weeks due to various business trips.  My parents and sister (Bless their hearts) had been in and out of the house working on, you know - the usual, taking down wallpaper, painting, etc...

My dad - of course - had other plans... After getting wind of my mic faux paux last week, he decided to create his own version of a stripper pole, not on stage like I requested, but in my living room. 

SMACK DAB in my living room. 
I walk in the house and this is what I see...
I just never anticipated my dad would be the one to do it!


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