Today I made a presentation in front of roughly 100 people at my company's sales conference.  Not to sound like a gender-ist, but considering I work for a male dominated company, I took pride in the fact I am the only female presenter and I made sure I was prepared.  
  • I spent weeks rehearsing and reviewing my slides 
  • I declined any and all party invitations last night and went to bed early
  • I woke up early to mentally prepare
  • I met with my team over breakfast to make sure our message was consistent
  • I dressed in a simple black wool jersy dress, matching coat and chic high heels.
  • My hair was perfectly coiffed...
I was ready!

I was fitted with a mic and told it would only activate when onstage; that I was free to roam around as I pleased until showtime.

I walked up on stage, tested the mic, checked out the spotlights above me then stepped off.  Two female colleagues nearby noticed this and asked if the lights were hot.  

They weren't, but I joked that if it got too hot, I may start stripping.  They laughed so for good measure,  I may have also commented about installing a stripper pole on stage.  (believe me, it was funny)

Shortly afterwards, one of the event coordinators ran into the auditorium in quite a tizzy.  He's always in a tizzy so I didn't really pay too much attention. 


I overheard him say

"Who up here is talking about stripping?!"

"Oh?  Was it me?!" I asked, not quite sure what was happening

The attention of four panic-stricken faces turned to me.  Mr. Tizzy shot me a death stare as the AV guys swarmed around me to remove and replace my mic.  

Apparently my mic was on the wrong frequency, feeding into an executive level presentation downstairs. 



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