Meanwhile on the home front...

As a housewarming gift, the previous owners my parents my mom offered to redo my bedroom.  Take down the awful Mad Men-esque wallpaper and repaint it. 

The room also has a fireplace in the corner.  
The below picture will give you the jist..
Complete with brick and wood paneling. 

With a flutter of my eyelashes, my dad agreed to take it all out.  
He conveniently used my bedroom window to aid in disposal.

And low and behold.. what was underneath?!
Would you believe...

More Wallpaper!!

*update* My U.S. Correspondant notified me a chunk of cement flew into my dad's face during fireplace removal causing him to go to the Emergency room for stitches.  They ended up giving him a band-aid and a lollipop and told him to go home.


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