A funny thing happened on my way to Sao Paulo (II)

The woman sitting on the other side of the sleeping Korean man and I started chatting. 

 "What do you do?" she asked.

 "Oh, I'm in marketing for a local Semiconductor firm...  What do you do?"

"Oh I work for (insert the name of the most-awesome-lingerie-company-out-there here).  I'm in marketing too"  

My eyes went big... and I nearly jumped out of my seat (thankfully my seatbelt prevented this) as I tried my best to calmly tell her "OMG!! That's my favorite brand! I recommend you to all my girlfriends!"

We spent the next several minutes discussing the superiority of her product over mine  - boobs vs silicon... find me a geek who disagrees!

All the while, the elderly Korean gentleman between us slept like a baby... He should thank us. He was probably dreaming about boobs.

In the end she said "Give me your card and write down your size... I'll see if I can send you something!"
 She's my new favorite friend!


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