Curtains for the bedroom!

When I moved into my house, beneath the plaid wallpaper of the master bedroom, had a vision of pale blue walls and yellow striped curtains.  The plaid wallpaper came down and blue paint went up... the striped curtains - I put on the back burner.

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled on some YELLOW striped duvets in the Ikea 'As Is' Section for $5.00 - A COMPLETE STEAL!!  (Did I mention I'm on a yellow kick lately?)  Not even thinking of my bedroom curtains, I bought one to see what fun things could evolve. 

This yellow was BRIGHT... a little too intense even for my sunny personality, so I threw it in the wash with some bleach. 

Still intense. Still Yellow

So I threw it in again with MORE Bleach

Still intense.  Still yellow

Tried it a third time with about half a bottle of bleach and STILL no change. 

As I was folding them up to add to my 'fabric stash', I realized the reverse side of the fabric was pretty darn close to the yellow I had in mind...  So I dashed off to Ikea I to buy one more duvet - good thing I did as their inventory had dwindled!

I took apart each duvet, so I had four panels.  I hemmed each and added a casing... Add some Tarjay curtain hardware and fun-time with my drill...  

Voila!!  Yellow striped Curtains I envisioned for less than $50!

If the curtains didn't work out, how cute is this KATE SPADE skirt?


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