Today I went for a run for the first time in almost three weeks. I feel like this is the longest I’ve gone without running or any exercise in YEARS.

It felt pretty darn good
I don’t have any excuse for not running lately, really… 
  • A mix of personal and work conflicts
  • various stresses
  • laziness 
BUT I decided things should change… What, you ask, was my motivation? You see, some handsome chap suggested we go running for our first date. (Still trying to figure out what to make of that one). Fortunately he came to his senses and decided on something a little more traditional.  

My NEXT motivation is I’m running a half marathon (my 4th) later this fall… It’ll be my first half since 2007… I hope my joints will hold out. I hope I’m faster than I was three years ago. I hope I’m not hung over from Katie and Jake’s wedding the night before!

I hope I ROCK IT!!


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