Is a new word I learned this week! 

it is a fruit that ripens to a yellowish-greenish color. 

I purchased a dress from my crack dealer Anthropologie this summer to wear to various events... bridal showers, birthday parties, just-because parties.  Its a fun lime green that annoyed me whenever anyone called it yellow.

When I brought it home, my sister said,

"Oh, that's funny, it looked yellow online"

but to the naked eye its a pale lime green

And then I wore it to a bridal shower and the bride said,
"Oh, look at your fun yellow dress"

But its green! I wanted to correct her

then I stumbled upon a page in this month's issue of House Beautiful (cuz one day I want my house to be beautiful!)

and there it was on page 56... Quince... described as "Not quite lemon, not quite lime - its a happy family of hues between yellow and green that can't help but uplift you"

Whaddya think of that!?


Nikole said...

Quince is also a good word to know for Scrabble :) Love the dress!

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