A Perfect Moment

Today I ran an errand during lunch.

Driving back to the office I was cruising up 101 rockin' to good tunes...Going 80 (don’t tell the CHP) and topless (the car, not me).

With the wind blowing through my hair, I had that moment where all troubles instantly fall away and life is nothing less than great.  I couldn’t help but smile and embrace the moment.

(convertibles do that to me)

So… one, maybe two miles later – still blissfully enjoying my windswept ride - I noticed a white Toyota Tacoma lurking in my blind spot.  I turned my head to have a look...

Behind the wheel was this little old Asian man..  He had about three graying hairs on the top of his head and I’m not sure if he had teeth, but he was GRINNING and WAVING to me like I was his BEST friend and he was SO HAPPY to see me!!

I was already smiling - so instead I chuckled and tried to smile bigger and waved back at him before turning my focus back on the road (safety first).  We kind of drove together for a bit and then he exited @ Great America Parkway, but before he did, he sped up and flashed me his eager grin and gave me the ‘Thumbs up”.

I have no idea who he was or what on earth he was so excited about - whatever it was, it somehow only added to an already perfect, private moment.


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