First family get together

I had my first family get together at the house last night… 

All in honor of my cousin Deidre 
(who's visiting from New York – we're trying to convince her to move here)

It was kind of a last minute thing but no one seemed to care they were sitting on fold-up chairs, or that I had paint partially stripped from the ceiling; wallpaper partially peeled from the walls or that I'm still waiting for my dining room table to arrive.

I remember as a kid so many family events being at this house… birthdays, holidays and even random family dinner parties. It was more than gratifying as the 3rd generation home owner to be able to carry on the tradition. In some ways I feel like my grandparents were in the room with us (maybe it's because we served my grandma's long lost cake recipe --> who'dathunk Jello poured into chocolate cake would be SOOO GOOD?!)

It was touching to know that some of the same family members sat in that same living room 20 and 30 years ago just as we did last night. It was even more touching to see us together with newer family members – like my blurry baby cousin.

Thank You, Deidre for giving me an excuse to throw a party!



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