The Anti-Stink!

I’m no hippy, but I will admit an effort to go more organic in the last year or more. I can go on (and on and on!) about my new favorite multi-use natural products, but not now (maybe later?!), I’m going to talk to you about one. Deodorant.


I had a thing a few years ago where I was swapping brands of deodorant every 5 – 12 days because it would
 Most memorable was a particularly hot August day when an even hotter Brit asked if I was free for dinner that evening. I was trying to act cool and like, ‘um… I don’t think I have anything going on tonight’ ….

Meanwhile CHAOS was running rampant on the inside; racing heart, flushed face, an inner dialog of ‘Omigsosh omigosh, omigosh’, weak knees, and my deodorant failing. Not only was I saying, yes, but my underarms were shouting it from the rooftops! I had to find a way to eliminate the unpleasant odor. STAT. I also had to figure out a way to change my top without making it look like I was trying to impress him. (I mean I was, but more importantly, I didn’t want to smell)

Don't mind the hair (I just got back from running)

But I digress. You read about Aluminum and how bad it is for your body and I recently started trying the aluminum free types of deodorant in which after a few different trials, I realized I might as well not be wearing anything. Still wanting to avoid the aluminum (and unpleasantness), I endured a multi-step process that ended with a dash of baking soda to each under arm.  I don’t think my housewife room mate ppreciated the fine layer of baking soda dust on the bathroom floor… so I browsed the innerewebs and embarked on another alternative.

(yup, I'm a hip(py) like that!)

5 Tbsp of melted coconut oil
1/3 cup corn starch
1/3 cup baking soda

Mix until goodness evolves and viola

I tried it for a week. My body wasn’t so sure and every day a different side would rebel and become less than pleasant. I went back to the kitchen; remelted my concoction and added MORE baking soda, a teensy bit more cornstarch and then a few sprays of my perfume.  And now... a month later in the heat of California August... I can say it works!!
(other than, of course, a sharing a warm August evening with a handsome foreigner)


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