No Sticks Required

Ever get the urge to do something just a little out of the ordinary?
(me: All the time!)

Need to/Wanna send someone special a package in the mail?
(me: most of the time!)

Ever at a loss for what kind of box to use?

Here’s how you do it.

1 - Determine intended recipient
2 - Determine object to send  (whatever you want, though if it is perishable or explosives, or radioactive, the USPS, might have a thing or two to say about it)
3 - Buy a piñata (yes. I said it, Pin-a-ta!)
3a - Buy two if you have latent aggression issues
4 - Stuff said object into piñata
5 - Seal up stuffing-hole
6 - Slap an address on the front
7 - Dance the Macarena all the way to the Post Office! (this is a necessary step)

The postal ladies all giggled and said my piñata was oh so pretty!

I think that was my favorite part of it all!


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