No One is Crabby in Puget Sound (except for maybe the crabs)

I spent a day on Puget Sound over the weekend (Whidbey Island, to be specific). 

We went Crabbing. It was an all day ordeal.  After getting licenses and getting outfitted with boots and lifevests, we ventured out on the Sound to drop the traps (with turkey legs for bait).

We went back to shore and carried on with our day... lunch... glass blowing... window shopping.... etc.  Several hours later, we were back on the boat, ready to pick them back up.

(Save me!)

We counted them (we were only allowed to harvest 5 per person), sized them (at least 6 1/4") and threw back the ladies (yes, we were only interested in the dudes, and yes, a Man-eater I am), took them back to shore to prep them for dinner. 

The cleaning and prepping was gross - so I'll spare you the photos... but please know it certainly wasn't something I am above.    

Great Day and Delicious Feast!


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