Repurposed Bookshelf

I have a kajillion books at my bedside to read. I had them stacked on the window sill above the bed, on the floor next to the bed and even sharing a corner of the bed with me.

I was on the hunt for a night stand or small bookshelf to tidy things up a bit, and then I remembered this ruddy piece of furniture.

 I took this hand me down shelf from my dad's home office when I moved into my first apartment after college. Its small.. maybe 2’ x 3’… Two shelves. I’m pretty sure it’s had a place in every apartment since and when I bought my house I retired it to the garage for Craigslist or a garage sale

 Not so fast my pretties!

I pulled it out of retirement, lightly sanded it and then painted it a pretty glossy blue (The Blues by Dunn Edward if you want to get specific) which coincidentally will soon (one day, eventually) be the same color as my front door (actually the purpose for which I purchased the paint!) To add a bit more pizzazz to this piece, I took off the back panel and covered it in a pretty yellow print.  

And now it resides next to my bed, holding all the words in which I love to read! 
(and a pretty flower vase too!)


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