As I may have lamented before, my yard has been an eyesore since before I moved in. I keep making noises about it to my neighbors and make sure I have BIG piles of yard waste as often as I can so they know it’s on my mind and am working on it despite the apparent lack of activity.

For my birthday (have I mentioned its my birth month?), I asked my family for help in landscaping and irrigation.
(my brother) and Phil

 (my wannabe brother)

showed up last Saturday morning to tackle my sprinkler system. The comical part about my sprinklers is the previous system was designed a man who had his own way of making things work and this was certainly evident while trying to unravel his logic. Not sure what the problem was, but wires were crossed, illogical loops of pvc pipes were made underground.

Basically it was a hot mess of sprinklers spraying where they weren’t supposed to, including from a pipe 6 feet above the ground.

The boys tackled my yard with fury.

While I was tasked with keeping them fed and hydrated

(With Otter Pops) in between my continual loops to and from the hardware store (ask me, I’m an expert on slip vs thread!).

I give full and complete credit and GRATITUDE to the boys!

Next up is doing it allll over again in my back yard

AND putting down some roots in both yards!
My neighbors (and I) are sooooo excited!!


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