Earring Screen (Earscreen?)

Whew!  Saturday was quite a whirlwind day, a jam packed Mother-daughter outing.  Our last stop was a Consignment-Store-Mecca located on a non-descript industrial street somewhere between my parents' house and mine.  I was immediately enamoured and only wish I knew of this place when I moved into my home almost 18 months ago. 

One of the treasures I took home with me was an old ornate metal frame that was painted a dull taupe color (when is taupe ever exciting?).  I don't have any before pics, but I spray painted it a bright happy yellow, added some netting, and then posted it on my bedroom wall, perfectly framing my danglies. 

And if one day I decide the yellow is too happy for me
(when is yellow ever too happy?!),
I can always repaint it, right?


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